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Learning Needs

Kindegarten-8th Grade

Kindegarten-8th Grade

Elementary and junior high school education is the foundation of higher education preparedness. At this level, students not only learn how to apply fundamental academic concepts, but also how to interact with their peers.

If students demonstrate high academic achievement through these years, they expand their options for admission to a strong high school and college.

Homebound aims to help grade-school students with their general coursework and admission to top-tier high schools. We offer standardized test preparation for the DCAS. We also offer Math and Reading/ELA tutoring and high school admissions prep.


High School

High School

High school curriculum is designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge, critical thinking skills, communications skills, and problem solving techniques that is needed for success.

Therefore students take courses in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Foreign Language, and Physical Education. Often these disciplines are coupled with other important subjects like studio art, music theory, computers, and business. During high school, some students can earn college credits by taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses in various subjects.

Students can refine their leadership and social abilities through various extracurricular activities such as athletics, volunteerism, journalism, or special interest clubs.

Homebound aims to help high school students identify and gain admission to the best possible college or university for them. We offer subject tutoring in Mathematics and English areas, standardized test preparation for college admissions tests like the SAT, ACT, and mentoring.

  • Homebound Unlimited brings you a personal tutor anytime, 7 days a week. Our flexible tutoring options will work with your busy schedule virtually anywhere you are.
  • Homebound Unlimited tutoring programs are designed for busy families who need the flexibility and convenience of on-demand tutoring. We make it easy to schedule sessions when and where it is convenient for you.
  • All certified Homebound Unlimited tutors are trained, many at the graduate level, with extensive teaching experience. Every Homebound tutoring program includes free consultation with our Director of Instruction to develop a personalized tutoring plan that allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • An integral part of all Homebound Unlimited programs is parental involvement. Parents receive regular, detailed reports on their child’s progress and can review past tutoring sessions with their child at any time.

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