Homebound Unlimited


Literacy is the cornerstone to education.


Our educators know that without strong reading skills, a student will suffer in other



Our program goes beyond simple reading and writing basics, we tutor comprehension

and analytical skills, vocabulary expansion, making inferences and drawing conclusions.


According to the 2009 Delaware Literary Resource Guide, about 26% of

eighth graders read below “basic” level. Basic level is defined as a literal understanding

of what one reads and being able to make some interpretations. Without this critical

skill, students will do poorly on tests, including state standardized test, and become

discouraged in their academic career.


Do not let your child fall behind, and book an appointment with Delaware’s premier

academic resource provider.

  • A customize plan to help you reach your true potential
  • Improve grades and school performance
  • Build self-esteem and attitude
  • Improve math and reading performance
  • Experienced teachers with years of actual classroom experience